Edible Flowers Like Calendula, Pansies, Borage Blossoms That Are Very Popular


Edible flowers are very commonly used to add essence in cocktails, desserts, etc. Check out this list of ten edible flowers that can be consumed by everyone.

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edible flowers

Edible flowers are a very common ingredient, and edible flowers recipes include salads, cocktails, and champagnes. There are multiple edible flowers for cakes and desserts as well. Check out these following list of edible flowers that should be tried out by everyone.

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10 best edible flowers

Borage blossoms are blue, star-shaped flowers from the Borage plant that taste similar to cucumbers. They are used in salads from Elizabethan times.

Calendula is known as the poor man’s saffron as it tastes very similar when sautéed in olive oil to release its essence. Uncooked petals possess a more subtle and slightly spicy taste.

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Zucchini blossoms are yellow flowers of the Zucchini plant that have a distinctive sweet taste. They are enjoyed mostly stuffed with herbs and goat cheese or on pizza.

Hibiscus flowers are edible flowers that have a very cranberry-like flavour. This makes it perfect for cocktails or teas. 

Lavender, which is also an edible flower, has a sweet taste that can do wonders when added to cocktails or champagnes or on to desserts like vanilla ice cream.

The gorgeous-looking Nasturtium flowers possess a peppery taste almost like watercress, and this makes it ideal for summer rice paper roll dishes.

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Pansies have a grassy, minty flavour. The pansies are edible flowers that work wonders with herb-flavoured summer cocktails and fruit salads.

Roses are a very common edible flower that tastes very subtle and fruity so they go well with jam, tea, soups, desserts, etc.

Sage flowers have a soft, yet sweet savoury favour with beautiful colour that adds a different dimension to every dish. In the summertime, it goes well added with lemon and other garden treats.

Violets are edible flowers that have a sweet floral taste and go great with salads, desserts, or iced drinks.

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