Andhra Style Chicken Curry Recipe: Make Your Curry Using Traditional Spices


Andhra style Chicken curry reeks of well-flavoured chicken which is usually on a spicier side on the chilly scale. Take a look at this authentic recipe.

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Andhra style chicken curry

Chicken curry is made in different variations all over India. Each state you stroll through you will find some variations in their recipe for chicken curry. Andhra style chicken curry is all about a well balanced marinated chicken with perfect spices mixed together in a spicy curry. Here is the recipe for Andhra style chicken curry that you can easily prepare at your home in the upcoming family gatherings. 

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Ingredients for Andhra chicken curry

Chicken pieces cut in curry sizes, Red chilli powder, Turmeric powder, salt, ginger, 6 cloves Garlic, Cinnamon sticks, Cloves, Cardamom, Poppy seeds, Dry coconut, bay leaves, chopped onion, chopped green chillies, curry leaves, garam masala, chopped coriander leaves. 

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Andhra Chicken curry recipe

  • Start with marinating the chicken pieces by mixing the required amount of turmeric powder, salt and red chilli powder and let it sit for 20 minutes.

  • Till the time the chicken pieces are marinating, prepare the wet masala by grinding ginger, garlic, 1 cinnamon stick, cloves, cardamom, poppy seeds, and desiccated coconut along with little water.

  • Set a pan to medium heat, in little oil, add 1 cinnamon stick, few cloves, cardamom and bay leaves and let them temper. 

  • Add chopped onions, green chillies, and curry leaves and saute until they start becoming golden. Once the onions are cooked, add the marinated chicken and let it saute for a few minutes.

  • Add the wet masala and the remaining turmeric powder or chilli powder if you want your chicken curry to be spicier.

  • Add water till the chicken is 3/4th submerged and adjust your salt or water at this step.

  • Cook the chicken by covering the lid of the pan in medium heat for about 15 minutes while stirring at intervals.

  • You can also do the cooking part in the pressure cooker instead of the pan by cooking the chicken for 3 whistles at medium flame.

  • In the end, add garam masala powder and chopped coriander leave. Your Andhra style chicken curry is ready to be served hot. 

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