Here Is Badam Gulkand Kulfi's Recipe; You Should Try This Lip-smacking Dessert At Home


Badam Gulkand kulfi is widely popular in India. Here is the recipe to make this delicious kulfi. Read to know more about Badam Gulkand Kulfi recipe.

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Badam Gulkand Kulfi recipe

Kulfi originated during the times of the Mughal Empire. This dairy dessert is made in various types, one of which is Badam and Gulkand ki Kulfi. The special mixtures of almonds, gulkand or rose petals, saffron, mava, and sugar enhance its taste. This chilling and refreshing kulfi is a widely popular dessert In India.

The recipe to make this kulfi is very simple. Learn to prepare this recipe so that you have it in the coming summers. Read on to know more about Badam Gulkand Kulfi recipe:

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Ingredients required for Badam and Gulkand ki Kulfi

  • 200 grams of almonds (you can slice it or can also use it whole)
  • 40 grams of Gulab ki Patti (rose petals)
  • 1.5 litre of full-fat milk
  • 80 grams of mava (unsweetened) / condensed milk
  • 70 grams of sugar
  • Few strands of saffron

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To Prepare the Badam and Gulkand ki Kulfi, follow these steps

  • Immerse almonds in water for a few hours. It will be easy for removing the skin from almonds for further cooking.
  • Once you removed the skin, grind 90 percent of almonds and make a fine paste.
  • Clean and then soak the rose petals in water for a few hours.
  • After that, cook them in sugar water till the consistency become thick.
  • Take a separate bowl and dissolve the few saffron strands for few minutes
  • Once you are done with these steps, now you can boil the milk and reduce it to 40%.
  • Now add grated condensed milk or mava, almond paste, sugar, saffron water with strands and cook until mawa is dissolved in milk.
  • Pour the mixture in the kulfi cones.
  • Cook the rose petals and sliced almonds and freeze everything in the ice-cream moulds.
  • Freeze the mixture for 4-5 hours, until it freezes properly.
  • Un-mould the cold kulfi in the serving plate.

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You can garnish the Kulfi with thinly sliced almonds and serve the chilled kulfi immediately. Another way to enjoy Badam and Gulkand ki Kulfi is by slicing the kulfi in thick round structure and enjoy it with the spoon, watching your favourite film.

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