Forget Having Puttu With Only Kadala Curry, Here Are Three Curries To Accompany Puttu


Puttu and Kadala Curry is the most loved breakfast combination in Kerala. But you can replace Kadala Curry with these Curries. Read to know more about the curry

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Puttu is reportedly one of the most famous South Indian dishes loved and adored by Keralites (locals of Kerala). According to reports, Puttu was first mentioned in the book titled 'Thirupugazhu', written in the 15th century, by the renowned Tamil poet Arunagirinathan. Other than Kerala, Puttu is a popular delicacy in Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry and Tamil parts of Sri Lanka. 

What makes Puttu the most popular South Indian food? 

Puttu made of rice flour and grated coconut is a famous South Indian food, because of its earthiness and simplicity. 
Often local prefer to have puttu with a banana, or else with the famous Kadala Curry (Black Chickpea Curry). But there are other curries that accompany the cylindrical South Indian food, Puttu, very well. Here are four curries you should make to accompany your steamed Puttu. 


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Four Curries to have with South Indian food- Puttu 

Kadala Curry 

Puttu is usually served with Kadala Curry, a dish made from the Black chickpea. It is prepared by combining black chickpeas with authentic Kerala spices and coconut milk. The aroma of the Kerala-style Kadala Curry is enough to tempt you to taste it. 


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Egg Curry 

Egg Curry is reportedly one of the most popular dishes among Keralites. Egg Curry is made by combining the local spices to form a thick and scrumptious dish. Keralites reportedly prefer having this thick and aromatic dish with Appam, Idiyappam, Parottha and Chapathi, other than puttu. 

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Cherupayar Curry 

Cherupayar (green gram) Curry is a popular dish that pairs perfectly with Puttu. This Curry can also be served with rice or chapati. Reportedly, Keralites add a spoon of ghee on top of the Cherupayar Curry to get the actual flavours of the dish. 

Chicken Curry 

Chicken Curry is a traditional dish in Kerala, which combines the rustic flavours of the state to bring forth a tasty South Indian food. While it has variations in terms of ingredients used from the usual chicken curry, there are certain similarities that that strike a chord as you sample its scrumptious flavour. This delicious dish can also be complemented with Roti or Parotta. 



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