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Carb Free Sweets: Check Out The Best Places In Mumbai To Find Them

Here is an exclusive list of three confectionery brand that serves carb free sweets in Mumbai. You can either order at these places or place your order online-

Carb free sweets

In a country with diverse cultures and a plethora of festivities, India can safely be called a 'Sweet loving country'. Sweets form a significant part of our celebrations. India is, therefore, a nation that consumes a huge amount of sweets and oil. An online portal reveals that the world perceives India to be a "Sweet Capital" (a country loving sweet).

However, this is not particularly flattering news as the online report fears that soon India will be called as the Diabetic capital of the world, especially due to the increasing number of diabetic patients every year. Reportedly, more than 36 million Indians are affected by Diabetes.

Looking at the alarming reports, and disadvantages of sugar and carbs, many entrepreneurs in Mumbai have started an initiative of bringing Carb free desserts to all residents in Mumbai. Here are three such entrepreneurs to turn to when you are craving for a dessert.

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Yogisattva (Khar)

Started back in 2015, to serve carb free desserts in Mumbai, Yogisattva, is a brainchild of Raveena Turani. Yogisattva reportedly believes in giving Indian sweets a modern and healthy touch.

A popular brand among the locals, Yogisattava, also offers desserts that are free of gluten, organic and vegan. An online portal revealed they have special festival sweets boxes, that offer healthy and delicious sweets. 


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Address: 7th Floor, Pinnacle House 15th Road, PD Hinduja Junction, Maharashtra 400050

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Chubby Baker & Co. (Online Store)

Started during health adversity by Rohan Aghnani, Chubby Baker & Co. has turned into a popular carb-free dessert selling brand in Mumbai. Chubby Baker & Co. is a business venture catapulted out of passion and dedication.

Chubby's most popular assortment is the Keto cookies, that are loved by the locals and reportedly is the most sold product from their confectionery range. One can place an order for carb-free sweets on Chubby Baker & Co's social media page. 


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Bombay Bizzare Baker (Bandra)

When Tara Bose Kapur's 16-year old son's Birthday cake was in a lurch, she was forced to bake a customized cake for her son, which led to the discovery of Vegan Chocolate cake, a favourite among her customers. A popular confectionery brand in Mumbai, Bombay Bizzare Baker has many admirers. Reportedly, their menu includes a wide range of vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, egg-free, dairy-free, keto, non-fat and low carb desserts options. 


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Address: Pali Hill, Bandra (West), Mumbai, Maharashtra

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