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Here Are Homemade Carbonated Water Drinks To Replace Sodas During This Summer

Homemade drinks with carbonated water are very fun to make and also very beneficial for the human body. Try out making some drinks during this Covid-19 lockdown

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Summer in India can be quite challenging with the kind of heat the country experiences. The consumption of sodas, sugary drinks and canned fruit juices increases during this time. Doctors always advise against having these popular drinks frequently as they contain unhealthy ingredients that harm the human body. Take a look at which drink you can have that will quench your thirst and keep you healthy both at the same time.

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Ditch regular sugary drinks and try easy homemade drink with carbonated water 

The COVID-19 lockdown and summer is happening around the same time in India. Sugary drinks, sodas and canned fruit juices that are consumed in summers are heavy in calories, carbohydrates, trans fats and caffeine among other chemicals that are for the body.

Doctors prescribe carbonated water drinks replacing the popular soda drinks. These carbonated water drinks help keep the body hydrated during summer season and are also very interesting to prepare amidst this lockdown phase.

Carbonated water consists of a high concentration of carbon dioxide that makes it fizzy and bubbly. The carbonated water drinks also have multiple health benefits such as stomach-ache relief, hydrating the body, helps aid constipation and reduces the chances of developing heart disease.

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To make easy homemade drinks during this COVID-19 lockdown one must need fruits such as strawberry or orange or lemon juice, carbonated water and honey. Firstly one must take the pulp out from the fruits or the lemon juice and then add carbonated water to it and honey according to one's preference of sweetness.

One can also opt for rock salt or other condiments to flavour the drink as per preference. The homemade drink is ready but one must drink it cold for the best flavour. Take a look at the video to get some ideas for your next summer drink.

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