Carrot Benefits That Can Help You Get Glowing And Vibrant Skin


Carrots are not only beneficial for your eyes but they are also highly beneficial to your skin. Here are the carrot benefits that can help you get glowing skin.

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carrot benefits

Everyone already knows that carrots are highly beneficial for the eyes. However, not many are aware of its added benefits for overall health, weight loss, and skincare. Carrots are some of the most beneficial veggies for your overall skin quality and consuming carrots every day can not only help you stay fit but can also give your skin a natural and vibrant glow. Here is why carrots, and other healthy fruits and veggies, are highly beneficial for your overall skin health. 

Carrot Benefits for your skin that can help you get a natural glow

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Scientists at St Andrews University recently conducted a study where they discovered that healthy fruits and veggies are especially important for maintaining your skin quality. According to their study, having a 'yellow' glow to your skin is actually a sign of good health. This yellowish complexion can easily be obtained by consuming vegetables like carrots, that are rich in carotenoids. 

carrot benefits

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During the study, scientists monitored 134 subjects over the course of eight weeks. The researches also tested other possible reasons for glowing skin, such as having a suntan, working out, and spending more time outdoors. However, no other method could match up to the glow obtained by having a healthier lifestyle and diet. Therefore, the study confirmed that eating fruits and vegetables rich in carotenoids, such as carrots, truly worked wonders for those who wanted 'glowing' skin. 

The study further went into detail about the benefits of carrots and other such vegetables. It mentioned how carotenoids, which were plant pigments, had a prominent role in the human body as anti-oxidant agents. According to the study, Anti-oxidant are vital elements that protect the body from oxidizing agents, which are toxins that can damage the cells' structure. 

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Furthermore, scientists involved in the study also believe that the 'yellow' glow of the skin is a sign that the body is healthy and full of anti-oxidants. Meaning that having a healthy diet full of carrots and other such veggies can prevent oxidizing agents from damaging your body. The project's lead scientist, David Perrett, even mentioned how surprised he and his team were after discovering how potent a healthy diet was for attaining glowing skin. 

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