Cooking Can Be A Form Of Therapy And Emotionally Rewarding On A Gloomy Day


Cooking can make you feel good and the process will keep you healthy

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When there is a dull day, a plethora of negative thoughts flow into your brain. The excessive thoughts can dwindle into sadness and pessimist thinking. When anyone is having such a day, research suggests that one should indulge in cooking a new recipe. Find the old recipe book and start preparing a delicious meal. Here is how it can help you feel rejuvenated.

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Acts as a reward

Cooking or the act of baking can be rewarding after you finish it. According to research studies and psychologists, cooking is related to activity and completion of cooking is related to rewards. This can be a positive stimulation for the brain as a reward system. 

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Feel good process

While cooking, when the recipe is followed to perfection, the process boosts creativity and happiness. A study conducted on over 650 people in 2016 inferred that the process imbibes calming and meaningful results. This is a good reinforcement for the brain on a sad day. 

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Cooking is the epitome of self-care and nutrition, according to nutrition experts. According to Meg Bowman, a clinical nutritionist at Nourish Integrative Solutions, creating something that feeds the body can feed the soul. Cooking gives socializing and therapeutic effects on individuals.


Cooking and eating at home is better than ordering from outside and eating while in a bad mood. According to nutritionists, cooking is a healthier eating option for anyone who is prone to stress eating. It also saves money that would be spent on outside junk food.

Boosts brain activity

According to Dr Andrew McCulloch, previous CEO of The Mental Health Foundation, cooking deviates from negative thinking and lets your brain drive towards completing the existing activity. Cooking gives the necessary distraction from any negative thoughts. This is positive for the brain. 

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