Delicious Cabbage Recipes That Even 'pattagobhi' Haters Will Love!


Take a look at cabbage recipes that you can make in the comfort of your home within a few minutes without using too many ingredients. Read more and try

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Cabbage recipes

Cabbage, also known as 'pattagobhi' in Hindi, is one of the most easily found vegetables. Here we are discussing the three Indian cabbage recipes that you can make within 15 minutes in the comfort of your home. From coleslaw to kimchi, cabbage is used all over the world in various recipes. Take a look at quick 3 step cabbage recipes that are popularly made in India. 

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Three-step easy cabbage recipes

Cabbage Saute

This recipe is easy to make as all you need to do is prepare the julienne vegetables of your choice ahead of time and then saute them together using a bit of oil. Season it with salt and pepper and make your veggies as colourful as possible so as to boost your appetite to the fullest. 

cabbage saute recipe

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Stuffed and baked capsicum with cabbage filling

Prepare for this easy bake recipe using colourful capsicum which is aka peppers. Fill them up with the stuffing of freshly grated carrots, cabbage, and chicken mince (all the stuffing is pre-cooked before adding them into the capsicum hollows). Top the stuffing with some grated cheese before setting it out to bake in the oven to get a crispy texture of the veggies. 

Stuffed capsicum with cabbage filling recipe

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Cabbage steamed parcels

Steamed parcels of cabbage are one such easy to make recipes, into which you can add your choice of stuffing and just steam it for the days when you want to savour a soft and gooey texture. For the parcel, add marinated chicken topped with grated cheese inside the cabbage leaves before setting it out to steam. For the vegetarian options, precook some marinated paneer (Indian cottage cheese) and then parcel it with fresh cabbage leaves. Add your choice of condiments while serving the steamed cabbage rolls. 

cabbage steamed parcels recipe

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