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Desi Hacks: Tips For Making Melt-in-your-mouth Besan Ke Laddoo At Home

Desi hacks to make besan ke laddoo at home. All you have to do is follow these four simple steps to makes sure that you make delicious laddoos.

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Laddo is one of the famous sweets made during festivals. These sweet treats are mostly made from flour, ghee, nuts, jaggery or sugar. They are of many kinds and one of the most known types of laddoo is besan ke laddoo. This laddoo is a popular sweet dish in North India. It is made with besan or chickpea flour and oodles of ghee and sugar. Furthermore, it is also moulded in round shapes. Besan ke laddoo have slightly more firm exterior and after a bite, they have the tendency to melt in the mouth. You can also make this sweet tasty dish at home and all you have to do is follow these four desi hacks to easily make them.

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Cooking tips to make besan ke laddoo at home

Make besan at home

You have to make sure that your besan is fresh. Instead of using packaged powdered besan, it is better to make besan at home. All you have to do is roast some chana at home the day before you want to make besan ke laddoo. Keep it aside and the next day you have to grind it and your fresh homemade besan is ready.

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Roast it on a low flame 

It definitely takes time to cook besan ke laddoo. You have to make sure that while roasting the flour, the gas flame is low or else the besan will be burnt. You have to keep stirring the mixture continously. 

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Ghee and Water

You have to make sure you add a good amount of ghee so that the ghee starts coming out of the besan when you mix both together. After your mixture turns into a paste, add water. This will make the besan tastier. This the method that even a confectioner uses.

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Powdered sugar

The last tip is to grind sugar or use powdered sugar after your mixture is made. Do not add sugar while cooking. Only add it when your ghee and besan mixture has cooled down.

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