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Desi Hacks: How To Preserve Curry Leaves For A Longer Period Of Time?

Curry leaves, also known as kadhi-patta, are used for making the food taste delicious and have health benefits. Here are some desi hacks on how to preserve them

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Indian cuisines are known for its spices and flavours, and it is these spices that make each dish taste different from one another. The most common flavours used in Indian food are made by using natural ingredients, or rather herbs. One of the most used herbs that specify the flavour of South India is curry leaves. Curry leaves are also known as kadhi-patta. Apart from making the food taste delicious, curry leaves also have various health benefits. However, these leaves tend to dry up faster than usual. Here’s how you can preserve curry leaves for a longer period of time. Read ahead to know more-

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How to preserve curry leaves for a longer period of time?

Even though curry leaves can easily be grown anywhere, not every person can afford to have a garden or a backyard to grow them. If that’s the case, people usually tend to buy curry leaves in a bulk and preserve them with the intention of using them for longer. If preserved correctly, curry leaves can be stored for a minimum of two or three months.

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Steps to preserve curry leaves

  • Remove the curry leaves from the main stem.

  • Wash the curry leaves properly and dab them well with a clean cloth or a kitchen towel.

  • Spread the curry leaves on a large plate and sundry them for two to three days continuously.

  • Once they dry out and you can see a dried and crisp texture, preserve them in an airtight box.

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Curry leaves have both medicinal and culinary usages. Experts suggest that they may also help in controlling blood sugar and manage diabetes. Curry leaves also heal several digestive issues like indigestion, diarrhoea, and constipation. Easiest ways to add curry leaves to your diet include, adding it to your curries or your dal. You can also mix it with your salads, chutneys, or chaas. Experts also suggest that chewing raw curry leaves and consuming them with lukewarm water helps with improving metabolism and weight loss.

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