Difference Between Awadhi And Mughlai Cuisine That Every Food Lover Must Know


Mughlai and Awadhi are two of the most popular cuisine choices in India. The difference between Awadhi and Mughlai cuisine is subtle but taste changing. Read on

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difference between awadhi and mughlai cuisine

Awadhi cuisine has been heavily influenced by Mughlai style cooking. It also bears resemblance to Hyderabadi and Kashmiri cuisines. Respective cuisines consist of both meat and vegetarian dishes that employ the slow fire cooking technique or the dum style cooking. This style of dishes has become synonymous with the place of Lucknow. 

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Major differences between Awadhi and Mughlai cuisine

Mughlai food is popular for being very rich in taste and style. It is known for the exotic use of spices, dried fruit, and nuts. The Mughals were fancy people in their choice of eating. They ate food that was rich in fats but the number of times they ate was not as much as it is now. They reduced their food intake because of their food’s calorie count. Mughlai dishes usually have lots of milk, cream and spices that make the food so very spicy and rich in flavour. These dishes are also heavy with fat, carbohydrates and proteins. Some of the best Mughlai dishes available in India are Biryani, Boti Kebab, Mutton Rezala, etc.

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There is a popular opinion that Awadhi food is also made with 100 types of spices but the reality is, every dish is prepared with a handful of uncommon spices that bring the taste. In Awadhi style cooking, the food is cooked on slow fire which allows the juices to be absorbed properly into all parts. Each and every nutrient of the bowl is retained by the dish with this process of cooking. Other than this major process there’s also another significant factor that is present while cooking in Awadhi style. The meat is marinated properly prior to cooking which gives the delightful taste. Fish, red meats and vegetables are marinated in curd and spices that give the taste and texture. The marinating of meat and fish can also get rid of any or all undesired odours from the fleshy materials. Some of the best Awadhi dishes available in India are Biryani, Mutton Korma, Mutton Do Pyaza, etc.

More differences will include, Awadhi cuisine is cooked mainly on Tawas or flat iron griddles. Whereas the Mughlai cuisine is cooked or grilled mostly in a tandoor. This major difference in the style of cooking brings the difference in taste.

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