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Different Jalebi Type Sweets To Know About That Will Make You Crave Desserts Instantly

There are different jalebi types that will make your mouth water. Here is a look at all the special kinds of jalebi served in the country. Read all about them.

Jalebi type

Jalebi is one of the favourite sweets of Indians across the country. The traditional dish is loved for its shape and, of course, the taste. The dish is known by different names in different regions of South and West Asia. It is known by the name Jilapi and Jeri in some places.

Different Jalebi type that makes everyone crave for it

1.       Jaleba

Jaleba is nothing but a thicker version of the jalebi. The Jaleba is juicier and much bigger than the normal Jalebi. Each piece of Jaleba weighs more than 250 grams. It is tough to finish one piece, if you are having it as a dessert. The speciality of this one is that it is fried in pure ghee. The dish is popular mostly in North India.

2.       Jangiri

Jangiri is another type of Jalebi which has a different cooking method. It is also known by the name Jangri in some places. It looks different and is a commonly available dish in the south. It is typically made with urad dal and that makes it a little healthier than a normal jalebi. It is bigger than jalebi and not very crispy. It, however, does have a not very random shape.

3.       Imarti

Imarti is another variety of Jalebi. It is very similar to Jangiri made in the south. The difference comes up when we look at the cooking method. This one is made of urad dal, cornflour and saffron. Another difference is that it is also served cold, unlike other jalebis. In fact, it is considered the tastiest when had cold. This dish is common in the north.

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4.       Paneer Jalebi

Paneer Jalebi is one of the many options available when it comes to variety. It is a dish famously served in Bengal, Odisha and other parts of East India. The difference in this dish is that it is made with paneer. Paneer is added to it before it is fried. The is called Chanar Jilapi around the place it is made. The taste of this one is different from the original jalebi.

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