Food Trivia: From 'sandwich Origin' To 'food That Can Last For 3000 Years'; Check Them Out


Did you know honey is reportedly a food producer that never rots? Check out some mind-wobbling food trivia facts that you might have not known at all.

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The food culture around the world is vast and it keeps growing with time. Many of us consume so many different food items and love them too. But what goes unnoticed is that we have no clue about who brought the dish to the world or from where it originated. Here's looking at some reported food trivia facts that one may not know. 

Interesting food trivia facts

  • As per reports, the first sandwich originated in China around 200 BC, nearly 2000 years prior to Montagu. Today it is called the Rou Jia Mo, which translates to “Meat Between Bread”
  • In 1834, ketchup was sold as a cure for indigestion. Tomato ketchup was popularised as a condiment commercially in the late 1800s and today citizens purchase 10 billion ounces of ketchup annually
  • Honey is one food product that does not rot or spoil. It could turn to crystallise and thick over time. But even if it happens, one can remove the lid from the jar. Honey can stay for nearly 3000 years
  • Unlike how the world's different cuisines begin eating with soup, it is not with the Chinese people. The soup is part of the last course in Chinese cuisine so that it allows better digestion.

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  • Honeybee workers almost visit 2 million flowers to make that one perfect pound of honey
  • Right from the Pumpkin flowers, leaves, stems, seeds, and flesh (including pumpkin skin), everything is edible
  • Milt is a delicacy that is relished by many around the world. interestingly, the food trivia here is that Milt itself is the seminal fluid of fish. It's actually the male genitalia of these creatures that contain sperm

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  • Ice cream is believed to have originated in China around 2000 BC, but many reports say that an emperor enjoyed ice cream and kept it a royal secret until Marco Polo visited China and took the frozen food to Italy
  • McDonald’s across the world sells more than 70 hamburgers every second of every day.

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