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French Baguette, Tortilla, And Other Types Of Speciality Breads Across The World To Try

There are many types of bread like French Baguette, Tortilla, Pita etc. Read more to know about different types of bread that are found all over the world.

French baguette

Bread is a part of the human diet all over the world for ages now. It is not just an accompaniment but a major part of people's everyday meal. The preparation and taste have come a long way over the years. Bread also holds cultural importance in many parts of the world. Here is a list of some of the different types of bread that are found all over the world.

French Baguette


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French Baguette is one of the most admired and popular types of bread. The bread is almost neutral when it comes to taste and fits with almost any kind of food. The crustiness of French baguette makes it a perfect partner of soup and stew. Many cooks have termed French Baguette as the perfect bread for sandwiches.

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The bread originates from Mexico and is famous for its unique taste all over the world. They are made of corn and are used in making delicacies like burritos, enchiladas, tacos, to name a few. Tortillas can be also made into wedges and chips.

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Pita is one of the first bread that was ever made. It belongs to the middle-eastern part of the world. The Pita bread is loved by all for its pillowy, smooth texture. After the 1980’s various experiments with Pita bread were made like making chips out of the Pita bread.

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It is almost impossible to not take a bite out of the fluffy and attractive Bao. The fluffy and slightly sweet pillow-like bread was made first by Chef David Chang in 2004. The Bao can now be found in almost every Asian restaurant across the world

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This bread originates from India and is eaten with all types of curry and vegetables. India is home to various types of rotis and Naan is one of them. Naan is famous for its soft yet crisp texture.



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Bagel originates in the Jewish communities of Poland. It is traditionally shaped by hand to form the shape of a ring. The basic technique includes a high-gluten, limited, short time of fermentation and a brief hot water bath.

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