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Dealing with heartbreak is rarely easy. Read more to know about the tips that will help you get over someone who you thought was 'The One'.

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The end of a relationship can be devastating. When you think that finally, this is the person who is right for you only to realise that it wasn’t meant to last. That is when you struggle. The feelings of anger, sadness, and rejection make your life seem unbearable. Here is how to make your peace with breaking up with someone you thought was 'the one'.

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One of the many things that people look for after a break up is closure. The reason why they look for closure is they want to know the answer to a simple question and that question is, is there anything that they can still do? Getting closure is an important part of a breakup, and only transparent conversations will help one achieve that.

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How to deal with a breakup

One needs to have a conversation with the person that’s just broken up with you. To be at peace with yourself that conversation is very important. This conversation has to happen in a very calm and neutral way. One can try saying that they care about that person very deeply and also he likes that person very deeply and he is willing to give to this relationship no matter what.

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Give it one more try

This needs to be said because the other person feels that something about this relationship should be different than it is now otherwise they wouldn’t have ended it. One should tell the other person that they are prepared to do anything to work on things that need to be worked on because this relationship matters to them. If the other person wants to make this work and if that person cares and likes about you on the same level, they should give this relationship a try based on that.

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Know when to stop fighting for it

Mostly what keeps people up at night is the question that could they could have done something to stop this. So it is always better to ask the person if they are willing to fight for this as much as you are. But if they don’t want to fight for this then you cannot help it. People are very afraid to say things like this but it is a very confident way of telling this which is good for both the persons.

Accept that there may be nothing you can do

There is no shame in saying this to the person you just broke up with that you want to work on yourself. Learn to walk away if speaking to them becomes too bothersome. Doing this is an indication that you still hold power even though you are vulnerable. The most important thing about such a conversation is you should walk into this conversation knowing that the other person might say that there is nothing you can do. The purpose of accepting circumstances as they are is to get yourself and your power back.

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