Healthy Meal Ideas: Five Italian Dishes To Savour While Being Quarantined At Home


Cooking and eating healthy is the most essential thing to do in this time of crises. Here are 5 healthy Italian dishes you can savour while social distancing.

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With the deadly Coronavirus spreading rapidly, people have decided to quarantine themselves in their homes. While the situation and the atmosphere around us are quite dangerous, it is essential for us to savour on some healthy dishes in order to boost our immune system. Here are 5 different ideas for preparing Italian dishes at home.

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5 healthy meal ideas for savouring Italian cuisine 


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Bolognese is an Italian staple dish filled with vegetables cooked in different gravies. Bolognese is basically a gravy prepared using various vegetables, meat and herbs. You can substitute meat with lentils or Zucchini. Make sure to choose a wholemeal pasta or a gluten-free one.

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Lasagna is a type of wide and flat pasta which is stacked and filled with cheese and vegetables. The pasta used for lasagne is prepared using refined flour but can be substituted with wheat which is healthier. Leftover veggies can be baked and used in this dish.

Minestrone Soup

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Minestrone soup contains tubular pasta or shell macaroni. However, you can even substitute it with gluten-free spaghetti. Minestrone Soup is cooked using loads of vegetables like beans, celery, onions, tomatoes and carrot. If you add enough meat and pasta and balance it out with veggies, a large bowl of minestrone soup can make a perfect meal.

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Rice balls with Marinara sauce

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Rice balls can be serves as appetizers and are whisked together using eggs, cheese, parsley and pepper. And rice balls if served with Marinara sauce, can make a healthy savoury Italian dish. Marinara sauce is generally cooked using tomatoes and herbs.


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Risottos can be an expensive dish to cook at home considering the ingredients that are put together to make the dish. But you can substitute some ingredients with butter, cheese and white wine with a pinch of saffron and enjoy a healthy savoury dish of risotto.  

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