Here Is Where You Can Find The Best French Fries In Mumbai To Munch On


French fries are quite delicious and popular. Here is a list of places that you must visit to elevate your fries experience. Check out the places here

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French fries are a mass favourite food item and every munching feast is incomplete without a plate of this deliciousness. French fries are served in various shapes and sizes like curly fries, sweet potato fries, potato wedges, etc. Nowadays even the humblest to the fanciest restaurants, all have French fries on their menu for sure. Hence, we have taken the liberty to list down some of the best places in Mumbai to get your hands on the crispiest and yummiest French fries in the city. If you are a health freak then now is the time to move away because if you keeping reading on then we are sure that you will be ruining your diet:

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Where to find the best French fries in Mumbai?

1. The J

While The J has been synonymous with fries for serving some of the cheesiest fries in Mumbai, they are also a very economical option. Hence, they have gained huge popularity amongst everyone, right from the kids to the oldies. One look at their menu and they have everything from plain salted fries to even caramel chocolate fries.

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2. Doolally Taproom

While Doolally Taproom is famous for its huge variety of craft beers, you cannot leave this restaurant without trying their signature House Fries. Chunky potato pieces fried and served with five different dips, life could not get any better than this for a French fries lover. This is certainly a must-visit place.

3. Tea Villa Café

Tea Villa Café might be popular for the wide selection of teas but what is even better is their variety of munchies. One of the popular fries options is their classic Peri Peri French Fries that are served with flavorful peri peri mayo and barbeque sauce. You can also try their famous Mac N Cheese Fries that is an amalgamation of perfectly crispy fries topped with macaroni and greasy cheese sauce sprinkled with tangy jalapenos.

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4. 145 Café And Bar

145 Café And Bar is known for its upbeat ambience and uber-cool interiors paired with amazing cocktails and munchies. While looking for a snack to go with your drink on your next visit, go for their signature dish - Animal Style Fries. A tray laden with crispy seasoned fries topped with cheese sauce, caramelized onions and their chef special sauce. If you are someone with a smaller appetite, you can even opt for their half portion of the fries as well.

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