Mumbai Street Food: Have You Tried These Unique Pani Puris In The City Yet?


Starting from vodka pani puri to chocolate ones, Mumbai’s different versions of modernising the good old pani puri will never fail to surprise you. Take a look.

Written By Nissy Sara | Mumbai | Updated On:

Mumbai street food and pani puri are almost synonymous with each other. Just thinking about the crispy fried puris filled with hot ragda and dipped in both tangy and spicy paani brings water in our mouths. Nowadays, many restaurants are even venturing into mixing the good old pani puri with newer food trends. Today, let's look at such options that one can explore in the city while still staying faithful to your pani puri.

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Different types of unique pani puri to try out

1. Pratap The Dhaba, Andheri West

If you want to start the night on a 'high' note, then head to Pratap The Dhaba right away to try their alcoholic version of pani puri. At a price of approximately Rs 245, these pani puris are absolutely delicious. The vodka is poured by the waiter in front of you so you can choose the quantity as well.

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2. SpiceKlub, Lower Parel

These days many restaurants in Mumbai are experimenting with molecular gastronomy. One such restaurant adding to the list is SpiceKlub at Lower Parel. The taste of this deconstructed pani puri is as amusing as it looks. The spicy mint water is served in test tubes with an injection of the tamarind chutney, whereas, the puris already come with a filling. This one is definitely going to be a fun post on your social media.

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3. Apsara Ice Cream, multiple outlets

If you are one of those pani puri lovers that can have the dish for all courses, then head to your nearest Apsara Ice Cream store to get your hands on their special pani puri sorbet. Priced at Rs 60 for a small scoop, this one is light and refreshing. The tangy flavours paired with the cool sorbet texture, you will definitely feel like firecrackers in your mouth.

4. Goila Butter Chicken, multiple outlets

When we said that people are taking pani puri to the next level, we were not kidding. Adding to the places serving the most unique variety of pani puri is the famous Goila Butter Chicken by Chef Saransh Goila. They serve delectable Chocolate Golgappe at just Rs 135. The chocolate-coated puris are filled with sprinkles and peanut brittles. They are served with a shot glass filled with cold coffee mixed with salted caramel.

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