Mumbai Food: Five Unique Samosas That You Have To Try Out In The City


Samosas are an inevitable part of Mumbai’s street food. Here is a list of unique and yummy samosas that you need to try out in the city right away. Check it out

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There is nothing more comforting than a cup of tea paired with hot piping samosas while you chill in the evening. Even though there is a popular belief that the Mughals first introduced samosas in India that were filled with meat, the dish has gone to become an inevitable part of Indian culture now. The crispy outer shell, which is probably the crunchiest thing to bite on, with a generous filling of spicy potato filling is all you need to put your hunger woes away. Craving to have one already? Here is where you need to head right away.

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Best places in Mumbai that serve the yummiest samosas

1. Guru Kripa, Sion

Guru Kripa in Sion can easily surpass everyone else to earn the title of the best samosa one can get their hands on in Mumbai. On your next visit to this place, never forget to start with their famous samosa-chole. Priced at approximately ₹ 45 per plate, the spices in the chole paired with two hot samosas and a mind-blowing chutney topped with onion is going to surely get you on a gastronomical adventure.

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2. The Bohri Kitchen, multiple outlets

While the usual potato filling samosas are quite common in almost every part of India, The Bohri Kitchen decided to upgrade it. The samosas served at this place are generously stuffed with paneer and toasted peanuts. The peanuts provide the crunch while the flavours in the paneer just melt in your mouth in the first bite itself making you want more.

3. Soam, Chowpatty

Soam is one of the best restaurants in Mumbai serving authentic and delish Indian food. If you are a cheese lover, then you just have to try the spinach and cheese samosa here. Do not worry if leafy vegetables are not your favourite food, the flavourful mozzarella cheese will take care of it. But wait, before you dive into it, dip the samosas in the in-house murabba. Thank us later.

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4. B Merwan, Grant Road

Located right outside Grant Road railway station, this small café is crowded by people from 5 am to get their morning sip of tea. If mawa cakes are your go-to snack, then their mawa samosas are definitely going to become your favourite. It is stuffed with a generous serving of mawa, which makes it a perfect partner of the usual savoury samosas.

5. J. Hearsch & Co, Bandra

J. Hearsch & Co, popularly known as Hearsch Bakery, is often frequented by college-goers and residents around the area. It is very popular for the mutton kheema samosas. Priced at just ₹ 25 per piece, the filling of soft minced meat mixed in the perfect proportion of spices is heavenly. They are served with a side of ketchup or chutney.

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