Local Food: Benefits And Reasons Why You Should Opt For Buying And Eating Local Foods


Local food has many definitions, but the concept is based primarily on distance. It is popularly known as the 100-mile diet. Read on to know its benefits.

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The movement for eating local food has seen a steady increase over recent years. The term local food has many definitions, but the concept is based primarily on the distance from your home or state. This type of food consumption is also known as the 100-mile diet. Eating locally grown foods has many benefits. Read ahead to know more.

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Local food is fresh

Local food is fresh and tastes better because the nutrients which are present in them have not been lost through storage. Foodstuff produce at local markets might have been picked within 24 hours of your purchase. You can buy only what you need in the desired quantities.

Supports seasonal needs

Local food allows you to follow a seasonal diet which is often more economical. Eating seasonally is the most natural way to eat, and one of the most beneficial to our bodies. Eating season food also helps to avoid eating the same thing.

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Produces less waste

Due to the intake of food directly from the farm to fork, less waste is produced in the process. Not only about packaging, but it also means less environmental waste from pollution and less food waste. Buying local foods means no packaging at all and it ensures that food was moved directly from a local farm to you.

Local foods have more nutrients

As local food has a shorter time between harvest and your table, it is less likely that the nutrient value will be less. Food imported from far-away states is often older. It has travelled to many distribution centres before it gets to your store.

Increase health benefits

One can significantly impact your health by changing not just what you eat, but by choosing better food sources. Local farms and local food producers work diligently to provide great sources of quality foods. Local growers can also tell you how the food was grown.

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