Mississippi Mud Cake: Make This Recipe In A Cup In 3 Easy Steps


Mississippi mud cake is a very famous dessert dish and is also a kids' favourite; here's a quick guide to making this delicacy at home in simple three steps

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Mississippi mud cake

Mississippi mud cake is a chocolate-based dessert pie that reportedly originated in the US state of Mississippi. It contains overloaded chocolate sauce on the top of a super crumbly chocolate crust. This soft cake is usually served with vanilla ice cream or hot chocolate. If you do not want to bake an entire pie, you can also prepare this in a small cup for a one-time meal. Here is a quick recipe for making Mississippi mud cake at home.

How to make Mississippi mud cake at home


For this lip-smacking dessert recipe, you will need butter (melted butter), two tablespoons of cocoa powder, required sugar (powdered) and eggs. If you do not want to add eggs, you can add condensed milk to improve its texture. Add one full cup of all-purpose flour, one tablespoon of vanilla essence. You can add your preferred choice of nuts like almonds or walnuts. And lastly, you will need a cup of miniature marshmallows. You can use whichever marshmallows are feasible for you to buy.

Ingredients for frosting

For the frosting, you will need some powdered sugar, evaporated thick milk and softened butter. Later, you will need very little cocoa powder. You can avoid adding vanilla essence in the frosting, if you want it sweet, go on to add it.  

Step 1

Take all your ingredients like all-purpose flour, cocoa, sugar, eggs and whisk it thoroughly. Keep whisking the batter in one direction. Once smooth and creamy, you can add one tablespoon of vanilla essence to it. Crush your nuts in small pieces and add it to your batter. Let this mixture rest for ten to fifteen minutes.

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Step 2

Meanwhile, until the batter is resting, take a small cup and grease them with a good amount of butter. You have to bake your Mississippi mud cake in a preheated 350-degree oven for 20-25 minutes. Pour your batter in the cups and place them in the oven for baking.

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Step 3

While your cup is baking, make sure to check it once after fifteen minutes. Insert a spoon and check if it comes out clean. Once your Mississippi mud cake is ready, quickly spread your marshmallows as a topcoat. You will notice that your marshmallows will start melting. Your mini cup Mississippi mud cakes are ready.

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For the final frosting, whisk all the frosting ingredients. Spread it evenly on the top of the marshmallow layer on your cake. With this, you complete your recipe and your Mississippi mud cake is ready to serve.

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