Methods For Cooking Seafood: Here Are Top 5 Ways To Prepare Scrumptious Seafood


Methods for Cooking Seafood: We have mentioned the top 5 ways to prepare scrumptious seafood including grilling, poaching, and steaming. Read on to know more.

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Methods for Cooking Seafood

There are various ways to prepare seafood. If you want to keep your lunch low-fat, steaming it is the correct method to cook. On the other hand, for a melt-in-mouth experience, slow roasting makes it taste more delicious. You can explore several other methods of preparation. Therefore, we have listed the top 5 among them. 

Here are the top 5 ways to prepare seafood 

1. Grilling 

You can opt for seafood which can stand the grill’s heat. Food including lobsters and prawns are robust enough to grill with perfection. They do not fall apart. Before grilling, you should marinate the seafood in oil. This makes it less sticky and helps in cooking evenly. You can also use wood to grill. 

2. Sautéing 

This method is quite common in every household. Sauteing seems easy and quick in preparing scrumptious seafood for lunch. It keeps the flavours and the texture intact. You can also start with cooking the side with skin, for better results. 

3. Poaching 

There are two ways of poaching seafood or fish. You can cook the fish in a boiling liquid for hot poaching. On the other hand, you can pour simmering liquid over the fish until it is completely prepared. The former method works perfectly for large slices of fish for serving it hot. 

Cold poaching, on the other hand, works for smaller pieces which do not need a long time to prepare. Moreover, it also works for seafood when it has to be served cold or at room temperature. The taste of the fish depends on flavours mixed in the poaching liquid. 

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4. Roasting 

You can roast seafood in two ways. For regular roasting, temperature ranges between 160 to 200 degree Celsius. On the other side, slow roasting works well on low temperature ranging around 80 degree Celsius. Moreover, the latter method takes a longer time. However, slow roasting makes your delicacy soft and juicy. 

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5. Steaming 

This cooking method makes the fish moist. It also makes seafood fall apart on touching. Steaming has an advantage over other ways of preparation. It makes your dish low in fat and completely flavourful. Steaming is also a very common way to cook. 

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