Expensive Liquids: Strangely Extravagant Liquid Solutions From Around The World


Some expensive liquids are unusually pricey due to their unique property and lack of abundance. Below are some of the most expensive liquids in the world.

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expensive liquids

Some expensive liquids that we are more likely to come across every day are insulin, blood, mercury, and printer ink. However, these solutions are not in the maximum price range. The hype and secrecy around minimalistic items are always justified by some logic. This list attempts to feed your curiosity by naming the most expensive liquids in the world.

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1. Scorpion Venom

It might sound intimidating but if scorpion venom is utilised properly, it can help in the treatment of various diseases. Scorpions are a venomous species of animals and as much as twenty-five different kinds of them can poison humans. Generally, scorpions are predators and use their venom to catch their prey. However, scorpion venom can also numb the pain caused due to painful ailments such as multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis.


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2. King Cobra Venom

King Cobras are renowned for its poisonous bites and huge size. It is undoubtedly, the most dangerous snake in the world. However, it is quite amazing to know that modern medicine has found a technique to use this deadly poison as a painkiller of high potency. A protein called ohanin, present in King Cobra venom can make a painkiller 20 times more effective than morphine.


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3. Lysergic acid diethylamide

Popularly known as LSD, this compound was used as a recreational drug, years ago. LSD was infamous for messing up with the mental state of the person who consumed it. It was termed as a psychedelic drug that caused hallucinations back in the day and therefore banned in most countries. However, the conditions of paranoia are an aspect of this compound.

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4. Horseshoe Crab Blood

Horseshoe crabs are quite rare and have an ancient sort of appearance. They have a large exoskeleton that resembles a horseshoe. Their blood is blue coloured and responds distinctly to bacterial toxins. Horseshoe Crab blood is used extensively in the medical industry for testing the purity of other medical solutions.

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5. Chanel No. 5

Chanel No. 5 is the most popular and oldest perfume by Chanel. Legendary designer Coco Chanel and French-Russian perfumer Ernest Beaux designed it. The concept behind this fragrance was to obtain a clear solution. Chanel No. 5 stood out from the pack of that had more visible ingredients. It was considered as an extravagant purchase during those days and resembled pop culture. Even today, it is a premium Chanel perfume.

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