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Bill Gates Buys World's First Liquid-hydrogen Powered Luxury Yacht Worth A Whopping $644M

Microsoft founder Bill Gates recently commissioned the world's first liquid-hydrogen fuelled yacht 'Aqua Ship' that has an estimated worth of $644 million

Bill Gates

Microsoft founder Bill Gates recently commissioned the world's first liquid-hydrogen fuelled yacht that has an estimated worth of $644 million. According to reports, the 'superyacht' houses a spa, helipad, infinity pool and a gym. The yacht is called the Aqua ship and is a 112-metre luxury vehicle that was showcased at the 2019 Monaco yacht show by a Netherlands based firm Sinot.

The Aqua Ship is fuelled by liquid-hydrogen

According to reports, the Aqua Ship has five decks and space to cater to 14 guests and 31 crew members. The yacht also has gel-powered fire bowls that will allow people to stay warm without having to use wood or coal to keep themselves warm. The luxury yacht has two 28-tonne vacuum-sealed tanks that are kept cool to a temperature of -253C and is filled with liquid hydrogen which helps power the ship.

The fuel on the yacht will help to create power for the two 1mw motors and propellors from the fuel cells on-board, which combines hydrogen with oxygen to generate electricity. The yacht will have the capacity to travel a distance of more than 3,000 miles before having a need to be refuelled.

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The investment reflects Bill Gates' interest in alternative fuel options

The investment worth millions is a reflection of Bill Gates' interest in alternative fuel options and his inclination towards technology that could tackle carbon emissions. The Microsoft co-founder has also invested in a California based startup, Heliogen, that was established with an aim to convert sunlight into a source of heat exceeding a temperature of 1,000 degrees Celcius. According to reports, Heliogen is the first company to tap into the sunlight and create heat energies to power industries in order to cut on carbon emissions.

In an address, Bill Gates said, "The biggest challenge today is climate change at a time when we need to increase production and food availability. The work that statisticians do is very critical to face this challenge. Understanding how climate change is affecting crops, productivity and how we can adopt and adapt to these changes is going to require the best statistics, including the use of new digital tools. Everyone here is a part of humanity’s strive to adapt to the changing climate and to make sure that particularly the poorest farmers of the world get all the available information,”

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