Bill Gates Buys A 100% Green Liquid Hydrogen-powered Superyacht That Costs $650 Million


Recently, Bill Gates spent $ 650 million and bought a superyacht that is powered by liquid hydrogen. Read on to know more about Bill Gates' superyacht.

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The second richest man of the world and Microsoft co-founder, Bill Gates, recently bought a futuristic liquid hydrogen-powered yacht. Being powered by liquid hydrogen means that the only emission made by the yacht would be in the form of water. Here is everything we know about Bill Gates’ superyacht:

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Bill Gates buys himself a $ 650 million (₹ 4,600 crores) Superyacht!

According to reports by leading media portals, Bill Gates has been a superyacht person for a long time. However, he used to rent superyachts for vacations earlier and now owns one personally. Bill Gates’ superyacht buying plans were reported after the Monaco Yacht Show in December 2019. Bill Gates’ superyacht is the first of its kind being powered by liquid hydrogen.

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According to the reports, the 370ft-long luxury liner comprises of five decks, a gym, beauty room, massage parlour, and cascading pool, yoga studio on the rear deck. It has room for 14 guests and 31 crew members in total. Bill Gates’ superyacht is entirely powered by liquid hydrogen and emits only water. The superyacht costs $ 650 million that translates to ₹ 4,600 crores.

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Bill Gates’ superyacht runs on Hydrogen fuel, to create electricity to power a battery and a motor it mixes hydrogen and oxygen in specially treated plates, these plates are finally combined for forming the fuel cell stack. These fuel cell stacks and batteries have allowed engineers to shrink the components to fit neatly even inside a family car. According to reports, these fuel cell stacks are used to power larger vehicles like buses, and now are making their way to superyacht.

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Bill Gates’ Net Worth

According to the Billionaire’s Index made by Bloomberg, Bill Gates’ net worth totals to $ 110 billion. According to his net worth, Bill Gates is the second richest man in the world after Amazon’s founder, Jeff Bezos. It is due to Bill Gates’ net worth that accounts up to $ 110 billion that he could afford buying the 100% Green superyacht costing $ 650 million.

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