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National Rose Day 2020: Rose Cocktails You Can Prepare At Home To Mark This Day

National Rose Day is celebrated every year on the second Saturday of June in the US and Europe. Here are five rose cocktails that you can celebrate the day with

National rose day

National Rose Day is celebrated every year on the second Saturday of June in the US and Europe. This year, the national rose day 2020 will be celebrated on June 13, 2020. National rose day 2020 is observed in June to celebrate the rose wine that complements several dishes and is enjoyed by people all over the world.

It is one of the oldest known type of wine with its roots dating back to as early as 600 BC. The rose wine is generally made from the red grapes which make them very versatile in terms of taste, smell and colour. Here are five rose cocktails that you can celebrate the National Rose Day with. Read ahead to know more-

Rose cocktails to celebrate National Rose Day with

Rose Wine Cocktail

The best rosé cocktails, like this one, are the ones that lightly enhance the wine’s already amazing flavour. Made with fresh grapefruit and lemon, this cocktail is pretty delicious. With a splash of gin, a dash of simple syrup (preferably honey), and some ice, this is the type of drink you can sip in a fraction of seconds.

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Lychee Rose Mimosas

As much as people love classic mimosas, it is nice to take a break from the original recipe and spice things up with seasonal ingredients. Lychee has a softly sweet flavour, and despite its exotic name, it is widely accessible. Use fresh fruit for the recipe along with a light syrup for best taste. Rosewater is in fact also a great natural toner and a lovely way to freshen up after spending hours in the sun sipping the Lychee Rosé Mimosas.

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Watermelon Rose Slushy

This recipe also includes people’s favourite summer ingredient, watermelon. Watermelon makes the drink thick and fruity, and thus, sometimes it may resemble a kind of a smoothie. For the freshest flavour, put rosé in the freezer in the morning, but remember to put it in a freezer-friendly container and not the bottle. Later, blend the semi-frozen wine with watermelon and a handful of ice cubes right before serving. For an extra refreshing touch, you can also add a pinch of fresh mint to the batch before blending.

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Summertime Rose Tequila Sangria

Tequila and rosé may sound like an unpleasant and lethal combination, but the two punchy flavours blend seamlessly well. This is because of the cocktail of the summer fruits and a gut-friendly secret ingredient, kombucha. Make sure to use a dry-light rose and silver tequila to ensure your cocktail isn’t too strong or overpowering. You can feel free to use whichever fruits you wish to, though keeping strawberries and peaches in the mix is recommended.

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Cherry Sorbet and Rose Wine Spritzer

Rosé wine spritzer has the easiest recipe. All you need is cherry sorbet, a bottle of rosé, and seltzer water. The fresh mint can be optional. You simply have to drop a spoonful of the sorbet into a wide-topped glass, fill a quarter of the glass with rosé, and top with seltzer. Though most rosé cocktails taste best with a dry variety (often the lightest shades of pink), this recipe is delicious with a fuller-bodied, fruity blend.

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