Suji Ka Halwa: Quick And Easy Recipe For This Mouth-watering Indian Dessert


Suji ka Halwa is amongst the most delicious halwa recipe ever prepared. Here is an easy recipe of this delightful Indian dessert that you need to try at home.

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Suji Ka Halwa

Halwa is one of India's ancient and most loved dessert dishes. This delightful and delicious halwa dish can be prepared and consumed in many different ways by changing the main ingredient. It is prepared with carrots (Gajar ka halwa), bottle gourd (Doodhi ka halwa), suji (suji ka halwa) and more. Suji ka halwa is one of the tastiest and mouth-watering halwa dish of all. Anyone can make it easily at home and here is its simple recipe-

Ingredients Of Suji Ka Halwa

  • One Cup of Sooji (semolina)
  • One Cup of Sugar
  • Four Cups of Water
  • Half cup of Ghee
  • Quarter teaspoon of powdered Green cardamom
  • One Tablespoon of shredded Almonds - to garnish

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Recipe of Suji Ka Halwa

Step One: 

In a deep saucepan, start melting the ghee and add one cup of sooji. Stir fry on medium heat, but make sure to stir well depending or it will burn. 

Step Two:

Now, take another pan and add water to it. Fill it with sugar and keep it on low heat. Let it simmer till the sugar is completely dissolved in the mixture.

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Step Three:

Add the sugar solution in the suji pan. Use a long handle pan because when the sugar solution is poured into the suji mixture a lot of steam emerges, which may burn the hand.

Step Four:

Stir and mix well till the suji is light brown, and it starts looking glossy. Make sure to check that it does not stick together much (which means it is fried enough) add the sugar solution and the cardamom and bring to a boil, then simmer till the liquid is absorbed. At this stage, you can stir off and on. Serve hot, garnished with the almonds.

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