Sushi Restaurants In Kolkata To Try Out If You Are A Fan Of This Japanese Dish


Kolkata is famous for its variety in fishes and unique seafood dishes. Take a look at these must-visit sushi restaurants in Kolkata you must visit. Read.

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sushi restaurants in Kolkata

The Japanese dish sushi is prepared with vinegared rice with some sugar and salt. It is accompanied with a variety of ingredients, such as seafood and vegetables. Take a look at these must-visit sushi restaurants in Kolkata.

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Best sushi restaurants in Kolkata


Ajisai is Kolkata’s first conveyor belt restaurant which also has a Sushi bar. This all automatic sushi restaurant located in Ballygunge has a lot of variety is sushi that you must try. The most recommended dish is their Spicy Salmon and the Rainbow roll.


Located at Kalighat in Kolkata, Fuji is one of the most reasonable places to visit for sushi. The seating arrangments are also made in a traditional Japanese way. If you happen to visit there, do not miss their Wasabi ice cream! This place is a hidden gem for seafood lovers!

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Zen is located at The Park near Taltala and this restaurant is a little pricy. They have a luxury dining area and serve expensive platters of Sushi. The place to sit is near the live kitchen area, and watch the sushi being rolled. Zen is a perfect place to visit for a Sunday brunch.

The Japanese restaurant and Garden

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The Japanese restaurant and Garden is situated right in Eco Park surrounded by sculptures that give you the whole vibe of being in Japan. Their bestseller is the hand-rolled Temaki which is quite affordable. They also have a pagoda and a wishing bowl, locals love it visit.

The Sushi Oke

The Sushi Oke is located right opposite the St. Xavier’s College, for students to pop in and get freshly packed sushi. The sushi platters are priced accordingly, which fits in the budget of a student and their Philadelphia roll and smoked salmon is a must-try. They also have a veggie sushi option for vegetarians.

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