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These Desi Hacks Will Help You Get Rid Of Foul Smells From Your Fridge Effortlessly

Here is a list of desi hacks which will aid you in getting rid of foul smell from your fridge. Take a look at the list and how to use them to get rid of smell  

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At least once in your life you might have opened your refrigerator and would have found an unidentifiable bad smell. There can be many causes for this to happen, from an electrical failure to stale food. Many things can add a terrible odour to your fridge.

Many times, even after uncluttering your fridge and wiping it down thoroughly, the smell might remain. You can then use these desi hacks to get rid of the smell and at the same time keep your fridge clean. The things you will need to are available in your kitchen. Things like coffee beans, lemon, oatmeal and vinegar that help in removing bad odour from your fridge. 

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Desi Hacks: How to remove foul smell from fridge?

Baking soda


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Baking soda has an odour-killing property which hand come to your aid. Take a bowl full of baking soda and keep it inside your fridge and close the door. Allow it to sit for a couple of hours to get a fresh-smelling fridge.

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Vinegar also helps you neutralize the bad smells that come out from the refrigerator. For this also, fill a cup or bowl with white vinegar and place it in the fridge to get rid of the foul smell. This desi hack will leave take a couple of hours to do its magic.

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This is one of the best desi hacks to get rid of the foul smell from the fridge. To remove the smell, place a few slices of lemon and leave them to sit inside your fridge. It will help to absorb the unpleasant smell from your fridge.

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Essential oil


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This one of those desi hacks which will help you get the fragrance you want from your fridge. For this hack to work, you will need to take an essential oil of your choice. Soak a few cotton balls with essential oil and put them in the refrigerator. Close the door for a day to get the best results.

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