Salad Dressing Ideas: Points To Keep In Mind While Preparing The Healthy Dish


Given below are salad dressing ideas, recipes, and tips for raw salads. Here are a few ideas and tips to keep in mind for all salad lovers. Read on for more.

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Salad dressing ideas

Salad, often the side dish in a meal, is prepared using fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Sometimes salads are prepared with meat, beans, eggs, and other ingredients. Besides being an easy meal to prepare, salads are known to have various nutritional benefits. Salads are reportedly loaded with nutrients that are good for one's health. 

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Although making a salad is a child's play, but some reports reveal that having raw salads can be a risk. Especially because the vegetables and fruits are grown on the soil, and are exposed to bacterias. One can follow these steps to make sure that their salad is not contaminated. 

Things to keep in mind while having salads: 

  • Refrigerate vegetables: Vegetables are spoiled when kept outside. So make sure to keep them cool (in a refrigerator). Reports have it that keeping the vegetables refrigerated helps in killing the bacterias. 
  • Wash vegetables: When preparing salad at home, one should make sure that they wash the vegetables before cutting or peeling it. The same needs to be done with leafy vegetables like spinach and lettuce. This helps in removing bacteria from the salad. 
  • Eat freshly made salad: Reports have it that eating packaged salad is harmful to health. So, while eating salad, make sure you peel and cut the vegetables at the time of preparing the salad. 

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An important ingredient of a salad is its dressing. Salad dressing adds the texture and taste to the salad, and is easy to make at home. Here are some salad dressings recipes one can easily make at home. 

  •  Mango-Lime: Puree one chopped mango. Add a zest of lime juice and one teaspoon of dijon mustard, sugar, and salt. Blend all the ingredients, and add 1/2 cup of vegetable oil. 
  •  Basil-Walnut: Blend three-tablespoon roasted walnuts, one garlic clove,  one cup fresh basil, one teaspoon salt, and lime juice in a blender. 
  •  Peanut-Lime: Blend 1/4 cup peanut butter, 3 tablespoon water, 1 lime juice, chopped ginger, and 2 tablespoons of soy sauce and honey in a blender. 

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