Vegan Dinner Recipes: Try These 3 Easy And Quick To Cook Lip-smacking Dishes


Given below are the vegan dinner recipes for dishes every vegan should try. The consumption of vegan food has rapidly increased over the years. Read on.

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vegan dinner recipes

Vegan dinner recipes might not sound fun, but it's the most nutritious type of dinner one can have which is filled with goodness. A vegan diet is a plant-based food that includes some specific food items like leafy vegetables, millets, nuts, and fruits. Veganism denounces the consumption of animal-based food items like meat, eggs, fish, milk and dairy products. According to the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, it typically consists of food options that are low in saturated fats and cholesterol levels. Here three easy and quick vegan recipes you can cook for a healthy dinner. 

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Vegan Chilli

If you crave for Chinese but you are a vegan, try out this vegan chilli recipe. It is filled with plenty of vegetables and doesn’t fall short on the flavour front.  Serve it with rice or as a side dish for a perfect supper. You can cook it by using different types of chillies and vegetables. 

Indian Style Vegan Biryani  

Vegetable and Vegan biryani is an aromatic Indian rice dish with vegetables and chickpeas- infused with Indian spices. It is a perfect fancy dinner recipe. Serve with cilantro-mint chutney as a substitute for raita.  

Vegan Chickpea Curry 

Add vegan chickpea curry to your vegan dinner recipes for a healthier and protein full dinner. It's an easy midweek meal or filling lunch that packs a lot of flavours. Vegan chickpea curry is not only a nutritious dish but is also amongst the most delicious food items. 

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