Types Of Teas That Every Tea Lover Should Definitely Try In Their Lives


As tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world, here are all the types of tea found in and around the world that every tea lover must be aware of

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types of teas

Tea is one of the most consumed beverages in India. There are several types of tea that you can find in and around your surrounding environments. Here is a list of the teas you should know about:

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Tea varieties

Black Tea:

Black Tea is one of the most widely found types of tea. Black Tea is prepared through a process which is referred to as oxidation by the experts. Since the black teas usually go full oxidation, they are characterised by long leaves that are dark brown to black. These tea varieties typically emit a robust flavour and contain higher levels of caffeine when brewed (50 to 60% coffee depending on the brewing technique).

Dark Tea:

Dark Tea originates from the Hunan and Sichuan provinces of China. These tea varieties are aged and flavourful with a naturally slight sweet note. Dark tea benefits include its probiotic nature. Pu'er tea is another one of tea varieties that falls under the dark teas that originate from China. Pu'er Tea benefits include numerous medicinal properties. However, Pu'er tea is not liked by many people due to the bitterness and the flavour that it exhibits.

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Oolong Tea:

Oolong Tea (also known as Wolong tea) is another of tea varieties that undergoes partial oxidation. The caffeine levels in these types of teas range between that of the black and green teas. The Oolong teas exhibit their own extraordinarily fragrant and intriguing tones. Oolong tea is often compared to the taste, aroma and freshness of fruits and flowers.

Green Tea:

Green Teas are another popular tea varieties that are used by fitness enthusiasts. The oxidation process of this tea is stopped very quickly by firing the leaves. Green Teas, when brewed for lesser times on lower temperatures, exhibit 10 to 20 % of caffeine. These types of teas also tend to produce more subtle flavours with many undertones and accents treasured by connoisseurs.

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White Tea:

These types of teas are considered to be the most delicate teas among the significant classifications. The White teas are appreciated for their subtle flavour along with the natural sweetness. These tea varieties are hand processed from the earliest tea shoots without the process of oxidation. While lower amounts of caffeine can be extracted when the white teas are cooked for lesser times at lower temperatures, they are not defined to contain less caffeine than the others.

Yellow Tea:

Yellow Teas are one of the rarest tea varieties that can be found, though they are similar to the green teas in terms of colour and flavour. Yellow Teas are known for not having the grassiness from the green teas. These types of tea are exposed to further oxidation than the green teas and have a more extended, slower drying period. Yellow Teas are another of the tea varieties that originate from China.

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