Coronavirus: 5 Office Hygiene To Maintain For Those Who In Essential Services


The deadly outbreak of Coronavirus has spread pandemically and has forced people to stay indoors. Here are 5 hygienic tips to follow if you still go to work.

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The deadly coronavirus has been spreading rapidly and has also been declared Pandemic by the World Health Organisation. While many have the privilege to quarantine themselves in order to stop the virus from multiplying, there are a few people working in the public essential service sector like transport, banks, healthcare who have to travel to work every day. Here are five hygienic tips to maintain for those working during this time crisis.

5 office hygiene tips to follow during the Coronavirus outbreak.


The officials have already suggested people should wear masks in order to prevent the virus from spreading. It is thus essential to wear a mask even when you are enclosed in an office. Also, ensure others around you are wearing a mask.


coronavirus office hygiene tips social distancing,coronavirus office hygiene tips social distancing,coronavirus office hygiene tips social distancing

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Another important tip to maintain a hygienic environment is to sanitise your hands. It was reported that alcohol has the capability to kill the virus and thus keeping a sanitiser handy is essential. Make sure you use them after you make a conversation with someone or before you touch common things like the doorknob.

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Use tissue while coughing or sneezing

Always use a tissue paper to sneeze, cough or blow your nose. This will prevent the virus from spreading. After using the tissue, wrap it in another piece of a clean tissue paper and throw it away in the dustbin. Make sure not to leave the soiled tissue paper on the table for cleaners to pick up.

Wash hands regularly

coronavirus office hygiene tips social distancing.coronavirus office hygiene tips social distancingcoronavirus office hygiene tips social distancing

Source: Kelly Sikkema/Unsplash

Although a sanitiser can keep germs away, they do not work the same way as soap and water. Even the doctors have claimed that even though sanitisers are safe they do not work the same way as soap and water thus it is necessary to wash your hands regularly.

Keep toilets clean

Another tip to maintain a hygienic environment in an office is to keep the toilets and the areas around it hygienic. The virus spread faster in areas that are dirty and regular use of the toilet can make it prone to spreading disease. 

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