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Can Coronavirus Spread Through Newspapers? Here's What WHO Has To Say

One of the many questions that people have in their minds is, "Can coronavirus spread through newspapers?" Read to know whether or not this is possible.

can coronavirus spread through newspapers

The spread of Coronavirus has proven to be fatal for many people as more than 14,500 people have lost their lives due to the disease. But what can be more fatal is the spread of fake fear and myths regarding the virus. There is a need to understand what causes the spread of the virus and how one can keep themselves safe from it. People must follow the tips given by the World Health Organisation as well as the government to prevent the spread of coronavirus in India. One question that a lot of people have been asking is, can newspapers carry Coronavirus? 

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Can Coronavirus spread through newspapers?

As per the World Health Organisation, it is safe to receive packages or things that are moved, travelled, or exposed to various conditions. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also claim that it is highly unlikely that Coronavirus could spread through the give and take of newspapers. This can lead to the assumption that newspapers cannot carry the virus across different people. 

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How long can Coronavirus live on surfaces?

In a paper published in the New England Journal of Medicine, Dr Neeltje van Doremalen claimed that the viruses could survive in droplets for until three hours after it is released in the air through coughing. They can remain airborne and not settle on surfaces. The study also found that the virus survives longer on cardboard, for up to 24 hours. On plastic and stainless-steel surfaces, it can last up to 2-3 days. The findings also give the information that door handles, plastic-coated or laminated materials, and hard surfaces might allow the virus to last longer. Copper surfaces, on the other hand, kill the virus in four hours. 

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Coronavirus Tips

As the virus can stay on plastic or stainless steel for 2-3 days, one needs to make sure that they keep their surroundings neat and clean. Using disinfectant on surfaces also helps to destroy the virus, as per a study at Emory University. They have claimed that common household disinfectants like soap and diluted bleach solution can deactivate coronavirus from indoor surfaces. Juan Leon, a health scientist at the university, said that that coronavirus has a protective fat layer on it and disinfectants tend to successfully tear them apart. This makes the virus ineffective.

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Coronavirus in India has reached the number of 426 cases, as per the Government of India site made for COVID-19. The death toll in India is 8.

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