Breaking The Myths About Metabolism And Its Connection To Weight Loss


Weight loss is process that involves efforts & smartness. Many people blankly follow certain myths and affect their health. Here are some myths about metabolism

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People find it too hard to deal with weight gain and obesity. They try their best to lose weight and in that process, many indulge in several unhealthy activities that sometimes result in harming their health or reversing in weight gain. The people who mainly experience obesity or excessive calories are generally hardcore foodies who love to enjoy different types of delicacies. So in the process of losing weight, many individuals stop eating the food they love the most.

There are numerous myths regarding weight loss,  especially those related to metabolism. People have been fed with wrong ideas regarding the improvement of metabolism that directly affects weight loss. Here are some of the most followed myths amongst many individuals regarding weight loss.

Eating less or skipping meals

Eating less or skipping meals not only affects the health of the person but it also results in the better functioning of the metabolism. People often confuse between decreasing calorie intake and eating less food. They stop eating, or start skipping meals that directly affects them causing them to fall sick and it also slows down the metabolism rate of the body which indirectly affects weight loss. This creates a nowhere zone where a person is not losing weight but he/she is harming his/her body majorly. For better metabolism, many health experts advise dividing the meals into four to five intervals. This results in bettering the metabolism, thus helping in weight loss.

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Cardio helps increase metabolism rate

Many people usually feel that indulging in cardiovascular activities will help them increase their metabolism rate. However, may doctors and health experts have researched and found out that cardio assists in burning calories but it plays no part in improving metabolism rate. For improving metabolism one must indulge in other routines which will support the body to lose weight even while resting. 

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Men and women have the same metabolic rate

Men and women have different metabolism, and so they lose weight differently. The main reasons for the differentiation between men and women are the muscular composition and skeletal mass which is highly responsible for metabolism rates. Thus, they need to follow different diet plans and work out regimes to achieve the desired result.

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