Facial Cleansers And Natural Makeup Removal Tips To Try On Your Own


Facial cleansers and natural makeup removal tips to follow; take a look at some natural cleaners and makeup removers that you can try on your own

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Although getting ready for a party is always fun what many of us don't think about before applying heavy makeup prior to late-night parties is the fact that these heavy makeup are difficult to remove. Here are some tips that will give you recommendations for the type of facial cleansers to use which will prove as your saviours for your late-night parties.

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Natural makeup removers

  • Curd and Honey Cleanser- For maintaining the pH of your skin and keep pimples at bay
  • Honey and Egg Cleanser - For smooth and moisturised skin
  • Sea Salt and Milk- For a luxurious facial cleansing experience
  • Eggs, Buttermilk, and Aloe Gel - Best for getting rid of oily skin
  • Gram Flour Cleanser - For a cost-effective and easily accessible facial cleanse

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Makeup removal tips

  • Wipes - Makeup wipes are the best and there are many types of wipes available which you can use according to your skin type. Wipes are the makeup saviours as it helps you quickly remove or adjust it however needed
  • Micellar water - The water helps to deep clean your skin from debris, oil and makeup using a cotton ball
  • Cleansing balms - These type of balms are for those who use high-end products and believe in high-end makeup brands as far as their makeup is concerned. For using a cleansing balm, you first need to cleanse your face with water, then have a warm face wash using the cleansing balm and then end your cleansing with micellar water
  • Cleansing oils - These oils are used to remove heavy and stubborn makeup. Following the cleansing oil step, you need to use a foaming face wash and then micellar water to deep clean your face
  • Foaming cleansers- These cleansers are best for all type of skin types and the easiest way to clean your face in a party washroom

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