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Grocery Shopping With Gloves On? Keep These Things In Mind Amid COVID-19 Spread

Safety tips and important things to keep in mind when you go grocery shopping amid Coronavirus spread. Should you wear gloves during grocery shopping?

should you wear gloves during grocery shopping

The Coronavirus pandemic instilled in people a fear of getting in contact with the potentially deadly virus that has held the world in its clasp. It has been made mandatory to wear a mask outside one's house and many people are seen wearing gloves when they are going out to get essentials, especially groceries.

When it comes to safety and hygiene, gloves are an added layer on the skin and keep one's hands clean by adding an extra layer of protection but can prove to be more dangerous than bare hands if not taken proper care of or not disposed of. So, then the question arises, should you wear gloves during grocery shopping? Read on these important tips if you wear gloves while grocery shopping or otherwise also, amid Coronavirus spread.

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 should you wear gloves during grocery shopping how to shop coronavirus safety tips

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Should you wear gloves during grocery shopping?


should you wear gloves during grocery shopping how to shop coronavirus safety tips
  • As mentioned above, gloves act as an extra layer on hands and prevent them from coming in direct contact with dirt, germs, virus, etc. But gloves are not self-cleaning nor do they kill the virus. They can transmit germs and viruses the same way your hand can. This means that if you touch a contaminated surface and then touch a clean surface after that, it is highly possible that you have transmitted the virus from one place to the other and have spread the virus.
  • Gloves are even more harmful than bare hands because of the adhesive properties of virus differ on different surfaces. It is possible that the Coronavirus may adhere to the latex better than it adheres to the skin.
  • Touching your face with gloves on: Wearing gloves reduces the habit of handwashing and or using a sanitizer. Since the person wearing it gets a false sense of security and they feel that they are safe. This might lead to the person forgetting to not touch their face and might transmit the virus from gloves to their face.
  • Disposing of the gloves: It is of utmost importance to know the right way to remove gloves and then dispose of them correctly.
  • Steps to remove and dispose of used gloves correctly: You need to pinch the glove on one hand from the wrist and then pull it over your hands in order to turn it inside out. Then keep the glove in the gloved hand and move your bare hand fingers carefully to the top of the other glove. It will turn inside out and cover the other glove which is balled up. Wash your hand properly after removing gloves.

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