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Homemade Mask: Must Know Points When You Go Out Wearing A Mask Amid COVID 19 Pandemic

The Health Ministry of India has suggested people to use a homemade mask to prevent the spreading of COVID 19. Here are important tips to keep in mind.

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The Centres of Disease Control and Prevention and Health Ministry of India have urged people worldwide to wear a mask whenever they step out of their house in order to curb the spread of COVID 19. The issued guidelines have also suggested many people make their own masks at home. While the homemade masks are not the best way of defence, it certainly reduces the risk of catching the infection.

Wearing a mask is a must if one is out in public areas as no one knows who might be the carrier of the virus. Therefore, read on to know the correct way of wearing a mask and important things to keep in mind and avoiding the common mistakes while wearing a mask in order to protect yourself from the Coronavirus.

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Things to keep in mind while wearing a homemade mask

Use a mask to cover your mouth and nose both

It has been observed that some people wear a mask only on their mouth while their noses are left uncovered. That is the wrong way of wearing the mask as the germs and contagious viruses can still enter in the nasal passageway and spread the disease. Similarly, an ill-fitted mask is also non-beneficial as it allows the germs to enter through mouth and nose.

homemade mask coronavirus The right way to wear a mask mask-wearing

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Touching the mask

When a person touches the mask portion with dirty or infected hands, the virus can get transmitted on to the mask and the whole motive of wearing a mask nullifies. Take off your mask only when you reach home or are in the safe space after you have either washed your hands or sanitised them properly. Then also, remove the mask with the help of the strings that go behind your ears or head. The same thing has to be done before you put the mask on. Touch only the strings of the mask. In order to clean the mask, put the mask in warm water with disinfectant to clean it.

homemade mask coronavirus The right way to wear a mask mask-wearinghomemade mask coronavirus The right way to wear a mask mask-wearing

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Removing the mask again and again

The purpose of the mask is to save you from getting an infection and disease of COVID 19. When you remove the mask to talk to someone or even on the phone, not only are you putting the person next to you in danger of spreading but are also becoming prone to catching an infection. Since Coronavirus spreads through respiratory droplets, it can spread by talking to an infected person who has not shown the symptoms yet. Moreover, when you remove or wear the mask, again and again, you might end up touching the mask portion with your hands which would have touched other surfaces.

homemade mask coronavirus The right way to wear a mask mask-wearing

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