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Best Garden Vegetables That You Can Easily Grow In Your Home Garden

Here are the top 5 best garden vegetables that you can grow in your home garden. Check out the list inside. Continue reading to know more.

best garden vegetables

There have been several reports about the overuse of pesticides and chemicals on the vegetables that are potentially harmful for consumption. To avoid harmful chemicals, several people have gotten into the habit of growing their own vegetables. The people who are fond of gardening can easily grow some of the basic required vegetables in their home garden. All it takes is some time and patience to be able to enjoy the vegetables from your home garden. 

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Here are the best garden vegetables that you can easily grow



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Take ripe capsicum and slit it open and dry it in the sun. Take out the seeds and sprinkle the seeds on a patch of cotton or a tissue paper. Spray some water on it. Place the tissue or cotton inside a ziplock bag and store it in a cool place. It will take about a week or two for the seeds to sprout. Once you are able to see some leaves transfer it into a bigger pot. 



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Cut a tomato into four pieces. Bury it about half-inch into the soil. Wait for a few weeks for the seeds to start sprouting into a plant. Once the plant starts growing it will need support to hold it together. Then, you will have to transfer the plant to a bigger pot. 



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For growing the beans, you will have to buy the seeds. You can sow the seeds in the pot but a few inches away from each other. The plant grows into a vine so it needs to grow on the grill or a tall pole. You are required to plant at least seven pots to get enough beans to feed a family of three. Growing just one plant, the harvest will not be enough.   



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In order to grow a cucumber plant, you will have to separate the cucumber seeds and place them on a tissue paper or a patch of cotton. After this, you need to leave the seeds in a zip lock bag for some weeks. Post this you will have to plant the sprouted seeds in a pot. Once the plant starts growing, you can transfer it to a bigger pot. 



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Leafy vegetables are said to lose their nutrients in 24 hours after they are plucked. That is why it is better to grow spinach at home. Spinach seeds are easily available in the market. You can plant these seeds in a deep pot. The seeds should be planted at least 4 inches apart. While planting leafy vegetables you need to watch out for worms. 

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