Colour Blocking At Home Ideas Which Can Give It A Cozy And Vibrant Appeal


Colour blocking at home to make it look more electrifying and sprightly can be inculcated with these simple steps. These steps will make your home look vibrant.

Written By Shreshtha Chaudhury | Mumbai | Updated On:
Colour blocking at home

It is always favourable to invest in redecorating your home after a fixed period of time as it gives the entire house a radiant and vibrant appeal. To avoid the dullness at your home, one can opt for colour blocking as it can be the perfect revamp for your home to look sprightly.

Colour blocking includes giving out a bold and bright statement by combining variations of hues. Earlier it was only confined to malls and cafes, the colour blocking technique is now fast emerging as a trendy form of home decor as well. 

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Here are some ways by which you can imbibe colour blocking to your home

Pay special attention to your table decor

This is the best option if you are opting for colour blocking on an experimental basis. Gone are the days, where everything on your table needs to look disciplined and coordinated. You can spruce up your table decor by opting for some colour contrasts when it comes to your table cloth or the seat covers. The napkins can also be of varied colours which will only give the table decor a flamboyant vibe. 

Play with the colour block on your walls

If you wish to add more spunk on your walls, colour block is one of the best options for you. The key is colour your walls with sharp contrasting colours. Furthermore, items and artefacts of the same colour range as the walls can be used to decorate the rooms. This is also one of the ideal ways to showcase your love for hues. 

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Add more colour to the cushions and pillows

This is another feasible way in which you can add colour blocking in your home. Pairing a plain coloured sofa along with some colourful cushions can add wonders to the overall home decor. This technique can be particularly applied in the living room. Colourful and vibrant pillows to a plain bed sheet or bed cover can also glam up the bedroom. 

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