Feng Shui: Here Is How You Can Curate Your Room For A Blissful Sleep


Feng Shui is an important study of how one's room should be arranged for the flow of positive energies. Here are some ways to arrange your room. Read On.

Written By Shreshtha Chaudhury | Mumbai | Updated On:
Feng Shui

Feng Shui is basically an ancient Chinese phenomenon which involves facilitating the flow of positive energy which is also referred to as 'qi'. The study of Feng Shui involves how the objects tend to relate to space. According to the study, the way in which a person tends to decorate or arrange their room holds a prime significance. It is also related to the mental well-being of a person. The first process of Feng Shui should primarily begin from your room which is your ultimate personal space where you are at your most peaceful self. The implementation of the changes according to Feng Shui is not a very difficult task. 

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Here are some ways to inculcate the changes in your room according to Feng Shui

Selecting the right colours is important

Picking out the right colours for your room is extremely important as it not only provides a tranquil appeal but also enhances the beauty of your room. The key is to mainly go for less saturated or neutral colours. For people who have trouble sleeping, they should go for lighter colours as they give out a soothing appeal to the room. However, if you want to bring in loads of energy and spark to your room, you can also go for brighter colours.

There should be some distance between the bed and the door

According to Feng Shui, it may be a good idea to keep adequate space between your bed and the door. It should not be cloistered or sticking right along with the door and you should be able to see whoever is entering the room. The bed should also preferably have a profound headboard. It adds to the support when you go to bed. Overall, the spacing and the minute detailing of the room is of utmost importance. 

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Declutter whenever possible

Excessive cluttering in any part of your home can give out a negative vibe. It acts as a major obstacle to all the positive energies in the house and can also cause stress. Removing the clutter from your room will play an important role in giving you a good night’s sleep. It will also give out a peaceful atmosphere in the room.

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