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Covid-19 Lockdown Has Left These Items Gathering Dust, Here's A List

As the world has come to a come standstill due to the COVID-19 lockdown, some items are unused in your home currently, Here are some of the names.

covid-19 lockdown

As we all know, the world has come to a standstill amid the novel coronavirus outbreak. This COVID-19 lockdown time has brought us to follow some necessary rules of social distancing, self-isolation, and work from home. During this quarantine life, fast-paced life has suddenly stopped and there are a lot of changes in our daily schedules.

As we are not allowed to go out and do any work engagements, there are a lot of things that are left unused in our house, that were once the most inseparable things in our daily life. We have made a list of things that we think are left unused during this lockdown-

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Things that are unused during this COVID-19 lockdown-

Formal clothes

Most of the offices have given work from home to the employees before the coronavirus outbreak got this serious. Now everyone is lucky with this policy and most of us are relaxing, working comfortably in our pyjamas, while saying a temporary goodbye to their not-so-comfortable formal office formal clothes.

Formal shoes 

As we are not going out amid COVID-19 lockdown, our formal shoes are just resting inside the shoe racks. We are really enjoying this phase with great relief to be just in our slippers or also without them.

Laptop bag

Carrying a laptop bag every day to the office, no matter how trendy it might be, is always a hassle. The trouble of carrying the weight of your laptop bag either in the metro, public transport or anywhere else is not going to worry you for some time.


As we all are at home and not going anywhere for any meeting, outing or work, we also don’t need perfumes anymore. Some people are really happy about saving their precious colognes for the future. We can also look at this lockdown in another way as we are also saving a lot of money is in this quarantine time.


If you do not strictly like those couple of creases on your clothes, you might still be ironing your outfits. But people who are feed up of those ironed clothes and want to say goodbye to this not-so-useful-right-now activity, are really very relaxed.

Fancy serve ware

Lockdown has affected the way we eat and enjoy as we like. Since no more guests are planning to come to your house amid the coronavirus outbreak, you can surely give some rest to those beautiful serve ware you have in your kitchen.


Lockdown is the best time you can take care of your skin that suffers that harsh make up all day. But since you do not need to apply makeup for almost a month, your skin can breathe and go for natural therapies too.

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Car keys

There was not a single day that would go without picking those keys. But due to this COVID-19 lockdown it has been many days you have not touched that car key. It is really strange times but as safety come first, to make sure of your good health just stay at home.


For most of the travellers, COVID-19 lockdown has become quite weird. You have to keep your passport in your cupboard for some time, as even if the 21-days lockdown successes the battle against coronavirus, travelling abroad will be risky.

Office lunch box

As we are not going to the offices amid the coronavirus outbreak, we do not need those office lunch boxes.


It is really a relief that we do not have to apply any cream or product on our skin in order to protect it from the sunlight and the harmful rays. As we all know, sunscreen was a mandatory morning ritual for many of us going out of the house, but now it is no more in use. It is the best time to stay natural and beautiful.

Gym wear

Gyms are closed and no going out, this is brought the process of burning calories to a standstill. But unless you have a home gym or you prefer doing yoga you are relaxed.


The COVID-19 lockdown means no travel, no sunglasses. Just give a break to your sunglasses and stay simple and stay safe at home.


This sudden and unplanned school break is an adventure in itself. You do not have to pack your bags, unpack them, wash them and keep them in one place anymore.

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This is one of the most general answers that we have received from women nowadays. It is like a dream come true for women as they do not have to wear those tough elastics all day. Ladies can have the liberty to walk around their homes without any hassles.

Party Wears

As people are not going out and locked in their homes during this lockdown, there are no parties to attend. Hence, the party wears are unused amid the coronavirus outbreak. You are free and feel easy to wear your Pyjamas and home clothes that are comfortable.


Your life has come to a standstill and no more rushing to the office, hence hair dryers have come to a rest. It is also a good thing that happened in this lockdown because drying your tresses with those hairdryers make them dry and rough. It is a bonus for you to revive those old times and strengthen and shine your hair.

Power banks

As there is no more travelling of long distances, there is also no need for carrying those power banks. Power banks have got some rest and also you can get time off from your phones and chargers.

Official uniforms

Another interesting answer that we received from the audience was the official uniforms of the workplace that are not being used. From an advocate to a teacher, waiters to air hostesses, their formal attire are on a long break now. Just keep them safe and ready to wear after the lockdown.

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