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COVID-19 Lockdown Tips: How To Sanitise Groceries And Disinfect Packages

How to sanitise groceries and how to disinfect packages are two questions that are flooding the internet amidst the COVID-19 lockdown. Read more to know.

How to sanitize groceries

COVID-19 outbreak has been haunting the whole world and India is in a state of a lockdown that will end by May 3, 2020. Coronavirus can be easily transferred from one person to another. Thus, a lot of safety measures are needed to be taken in order to curb the spreading of this pandemic. Two questions that have been raised a lot on the internet is how to sanitize groceries and how to disinfect packages that we receive from outside. Read on to know more about how to sanitize groceries at home here: 

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How to sanitize and disinfect the groceries and packages?

COVID-19 can be stopped from spreading by avoiding crowded places and maintaining social distancing. But there are several reasons for which it becomes mandatory to leave the house, which includes medical emergencies and buying groceries among other things. These groceries can be infected by the virus as they go through a lot of processing and processes. It is handed over from one person to another and can have the COVID-19 virus on its surface that may be touched by a careless person, and put him/her in a high-risk group. Here are the steps that one can use to sanitize their groceries: 

How to sanitize groceries and packages:

  • Handle groceries with care, as in do not let them touch anywhere else in the house and wash your hands 
  • Put them in a safe container (it can be a specific box that you use to keep your groceries after you get them home) and wash your hands 
  • Wash and rinse them thoroughly and do not touch anywhere else during this process
  • Wash your hands again 
  • Also, wash the container used for keeping the groceries

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