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Desi Hacks: 5 Salt Cleaning Hacks That Will Help You Keep Your House Pristine

Desi Hacks: 5 salt cleaning hacks from polishing metals to deterring ants that you must know about to keep your house pristine amid the nationwide lockdown

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Have you ever wondered how salt can effectively help you IN cleaning a lot of things with its cleansing properties? For all the unversed, salt is an all-natural, cost-efficient way to clean your house as it has the power of doing a lot more than just seasoning recipes.

In terms of cleaning, salt is a natural alternative as it helps in various types of cleaning from removing stains to getting rid of deterring ants. Therefore, here are different desi salt cleaning hacks that will help you keep your house pristine amid the nationwide lockdown if you run short of your regular house cleaning products.


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Desi Hacks: 5 salt cleaning hacks that you must know to keep your house clean

 1) Removes rust

To help get rid of rust, create a mix of water salt and tarter cream and form a paste. Once the paste is ready, rub the mixture on all the rusted items and let it dry. Later, brush off and buff the items with a soft dry cloth.

2) Polishes copper or brass

Apart from helping get rid of rust, Salt also has some polishing properties that you might be unaware of. For this, you need to blend equal parts of flour, salt and vinegar into a paste.  One it is ready, rub it on the metal you wish to polish and let it dry for an hour. After an hour, clean it with a soft cloth to attain a new shine.

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3) Prevents the browning of several fruits

A lot of people face this issue as fruits have a short lifespan. Therefore, to keep them fresh for a comparatively longer span of time, soak peeled fruits into saltwater and let them stay for a few minutes. Later, remove them, let them dry and store them into airtight containers.

4) Revives the iron

For reviving iron, sprinkle a pinch of salt on a plain paper, then run the warm iron over it for a few minutes. It helps the iron get rid of hard water and other stains. Later, unplug the iron and once it cools down, wipe it with a clean cloth to eliminate the salt residues.

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5) Deters ants

For preventing your house from ants, salt can be of some major help. For this, all you need to do is sprinkle salt at doorways, windowsills or any other place in the house you think ants might sneak in from. You will find out that salt genuinely helps to deter ants.

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