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Desi Hacks: Easy Steps To Grow Garlic At Home Without Much Hassle

Desi Hacks that you need to keep in mind if you are a fan of garlic. Here is how you can grow enough garlic at home without putting in much effort. Read.

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Garlic is one of those superfood items that is known not just for the exotic taste that it provides but also for its health benefits. Having the right amount of garlic in your diet will help you have a healthy lifestyle for a long time. Here is a look at a few easy steps to follow if you have been having trouble buying garlic from the store every few days. Following the instructions will help you grow an ample amount of garlic at home.

How to grow garlic at home?

  1. Break off a garlic bulb and separate the cloves from it
  2. Take the cloves and bury them in the mud with the pointy part of the clove pointing towards the sky.
  3. Make sure you keep the plants hydrated but do not overwater them as garlic does not require much water to grow.
  4. You might want to cut away the flowers as they suck in the flavour.
  5. When you see five to six leaves growing out, take the plant out of the mud and you will get a proper garlic bulb.

Garlic is an ingredient that must be present in every kitchen. The powerful aromatic add on will make any boring dish tasty. Having enough amount of garlic in a day will help you in various ways. Have a look at a few advantages of adding garlic to your everyday diet.

  •  Stronger Immune system

Having garlic on a daily basis will boost your immunity to new levels, according to many health experts. If you have been getting allergies and small illnesses, it is probably because your immune system is not very strong. This issue can be tackled with garlic as an ingredient.

  • Healthy heart

Having a healthy heart is extremely important for long life. Experts believe that adding garlic to your diet will also help you curb cholesterol which in turn leads to heart diseases. It also eases up your body processes which in turn provides a healthy and better living.

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  • Heavy nutrition

Garlic has the ability to fill in the needed amount of Vitamin C in your body. It is also rich in Calcium which is an essential nutrient to have in the body. It is also low on calorie which is a great excuse to not limit its consumption.

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