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Eggshells Can Be Beneficial For Plants & Soil; Here's How To Use Them For Gardening

Eggshells can be extremely beneficial to maintain the ph level of the soil. It also helps by supplying the plant with all the calcium it needs. Read more


Eggshells are popularly used as a great composting material and have other important uses. The Apartment Therapy claims that eggshell water may be a nutrient-rich supply of water for your plants as eggshells contain a lot of calcium. They also stated that calcium is an essential nutrient that is absorbed by the plants. The calcium as it helps keep the soil's pH levels optimal and supply all the calcium the soil needs. But it is not going to be beneficial to just throw the eggshells into the soli and let them decompose. Read more to know how to use eggshells for plant care.

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How to use eggshells for gardening?

One can use the eggshells to make eggshell water that can be used to water the plants.  To create the plant water, here is the following recipe: Take a gallon of water. Boil it and add 10 clean and dry eggshells. Put the shells in the boiling water and let them sit in the water for a night. Take the eggshells out by straining the water. The water can now be poured directly onto the plant-soil for a good nutrient boost. This should be done once a week for maximum results.

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Jeff Gillman, the author of The Truth About Garden Remedies,  said that the eggshell water will give them plenty of calcium. He  too tried plant water recipe and put a shell in water for 24 hours and sent it to a lab for testing. The results indicated that the eggshell water had around 4 mg of calcium and potassium, along with small quantities of phosphorus, magnesium, and sodium. One can also start using the eggshells as a base to start seeds. Here's a video for the same. 

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