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Grocery Shopping Tips To Avoid Getting Infected By Coronavirus When Out To Buy Necessities

While grocery shopping is a necessary evil that one needs to do even among the Coronavirus pandemic, here are few tips on how to be safe from getting infected.


While going out during the Coronavirus pandemic is a strict no-no, there are some times when people have to do it out of necessity. One cannot stock-up grocery, food and other basic necessities indefinitely. Hence, people are forced to go to grocery stores even during the coronavirus lockdown. However, here are few grocery store tips that one can follow that can help possibly avoid catching an infection in times of coronavirus:

Wipe shopping cart handles to avoid Coronavirus

One of the most used things in a supermarket or grocery store is the shopping carts or shopping baskets. This is also how most of the germs can get transmitted from one person to another. Hence, one of the important grocery shopping tips to wipe the handles of the shopping carts with anti-bacterial wipes before using to stop being infected by Coronavirus or even spread the disease. 

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Wash the groceries bags to avoid Coronavirus

Another one among important grocery store tips includes washing the groceries bag. This should be done as soon as one reaches home and before storing these bags for further use. This will prevent the spread of the germs especially if one has carried raw meat or dairy products in it since these are known to cause bacterial infestations. 

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Check the fresh items before use to avoid Coronavirus

Before placing fresh items like fruits and vegetables in the cart, one should check them for holes or cracks. This is one of the most significant ways in which the virus can spread. Hence checking them before buying is one of the important grocery store tips to avoid the spread of Coronavirus. 

Do not buy ripped or opened packaged food

If one finds packaged or canned food even slightly opened or ripped, they should avoid buying them. Germs can infest the products easily through these openings. Thus, one should do a thorough checking of the packaged or canned items they intend to buy before placing them in the cart

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Do not accept free samples to avoid Coronavirus

One of the easiest ways Coronavirus can spread is through free samples. These are kept open and may be infested by the virus. Thus, as a part of the grocery store tips to avoid being infected, one should avoid free samples of products at the stores. 

Actor Hina Khan's video on how to avoid being infected by Coronavirus while on grocery shopping


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