Home Décor Ideas For Multi-functional Furniture Inspired By Kajal Aggarwal's House


Home décor ideas can often burn a hole in your pocket. But that's when multipurpose furniture comes in the picture. These items can come in handy for any space.

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There are abundant home décor ideas and home décor gurus out there. But planning the interiors of your house is not easy for sure. Home Décor Ideas that are available on the internet if followed to the T can often burn a hole in your pocket. So none other than South Indian movie actor Kajal Aggarwal will guide you through and introduce you to the idea of multipurpose furniture. On a popular web interior design show, Kajal Aggarwal gave viewers a tour of her house. The Singham actor’s house seemed to all on board when it comes to multipurpose furniture. So inspired by her house here are some multipurpose furniture ideas for you.

Multipurpose furniture ideas for your house

1. Sofa cum bed

A sofa cum bed is one of the best home décor ideas out there. Sofa cum bed often comes in the form of a pull out beds. These sofas are often good for small apartments as they will provide you with an extra room for your guest or it can work for living room-cum-bedroom setup.

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2. Center tables with storage space

Cluttering and decluttering is a never-ending process. So instead of decluttering all the time one of the best home ideas is to look for storage pieces that will also work as your centrepiece. Centre tables these days often come with hidden storage areas that will help store the little essentials for that particular space.

3. A multipurpose mirror

A mirror is an essential part of any house. But if you have a small house why not have mirrors that have cabinets as well. These multipurpose mirrors come in different shapes, sizes. These multipurpose mirrors are also available for the washbasin areas.

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4. A multipurpose bar table

If you have Kajal Aggarwal’s house tour video, you must have seen her showing the moving bar table. This table saved a lot of space in the house and since it was made up of metal it was an additional statement piece to the bar counter.

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