Home Decor: Cost-effective Things You Can Keep At Your House For Good Luck


Home Decor items that you need to keep in your house to ward away the evil eye. Here are some of the cost-effective items that you can have in your home.

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We come home to unwind and relax after a long day of hard work. In reality, we immediately equate the location with the feeling of warmth safety and comfort anytime we think about home. But, have you ever wondered how to keep the space that keeps you safe from a wandering evil eye?

Many cultures around the world believe in Vastu Shastra to protect their homes from any kind of negativity that is wandering around. While it may be difficult for one to abide by any kind of feng shui faithfully, one could also harness positivity in your home with a few easily available lucky items. Read here to know which items you should add to your home decor right away to bring happiness and positivity into your home.

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Fresh flowers

Flowers make one’s homes smell nice and they instantly ooze out energy. According to reports, it is believed that your home will be blessed with natural positive energy if you get fresh flowers every week. Make sure to get rid of the flowers as they begin to fade and you do not want your home to be contaminated with bad odour.

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Elephant motifs

Elephants are known to be symbols of good luck as they symbolise wisdom, loyalty and steadfastness. Elephants are also loyal and caring towards their loved ones. Keeping an elephant motif decor at home inculcates a feeling of protection and good fortune among family members.

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Burning incense

According to reports, it is believed that burning incense is used to ward off any negativity that could be surrounding someone and filling the space with beautiful, energising fragrance. The smell of incense is also believed to attract good luck and harmonious feelings.

Bamboo plant

Bamboo is known to be one of the most commonly used good luck items. It’s a plant that is believed to bring peace and luck to every home. They can be used as decor in the garden as well.  

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